Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Mercy of Devotion


I really don't remember the exact day, time or month but I remember the encounter. For a while dead on 8.15am I got the bus for work. Same bus at the same place. He was there in fact.. He is always there. Bit stupid as we always caught the same bus. He always wears the same hoody and jogging bottoms. He sits in the same place and is constantly on his phone. I have looked over a couple of times but he never looks up. He must be younger than me. Maybe 27-28 and here I am reaching my mid thirty's.

My boyfriend of 6 years recently walked out on me and left me for some perfect woman who I couldn't barely compete with. Maybe that’s why I noticed him this precise day? Maybe the loneliness and need was overwhelming me?
The bus came and we both got on.

Once again it was time for the 8.15 bus ride to work. He was there again, sat in his favourite place but today wearing a suit. I wondered where he worked? Was he a lawyer, doctor or maybe even a teacher? I took him in fully today. Dark auburn hair, strong chin, broad nose, deep set eyes and he was smiling at something. Two deep dimples imprinted in his cheeks. Fuck! No wonder he was smiling, I had been caught staring. I felt my cheeks blush and I went back to my book. I couldn't bare to look back up. The embarrassment was too much. Thankfully the bus came and we both got on.
Last night I had the most vivid dream of my whole entire life and I am not sure what to make of it. All day at work I couldn't stop thinking about. The man from the bus stop was in it. Only this time he had a name... Mr Smith! I'm not sure why my subconscious would come up with that. I always thought I was creative person, well at the end of the day I was an interior designer for a major firm in Oxford City centre.


Is it because in films and books Smith is used in sordid way?

at all......

He probably isn't called Smith

<--------CHAPTER 1------->

18th August 2012

I was at the bus stop and he was sat in the normal place playing on his phone. This time when he looked up and noticed I was staring he walked over.

“Hi” he said, his deep hazel eyes staring down at me. I couldn't speak. He handed me a card. “Ring the number... Tonight... Dead on 6 pm.” I nodded taking the card off him. The bus came and we both boarded. Half of me hoped he would sit beside me but as normal he went upstairs and I stayed down.

The time at work seemed to drag, every time I picked up my phone only one minute seemed to pass. Dead on 5 pm I switched the computer off and dashed to the bus stop. I knew it would take me 30 Min's to get home. The card was still safely in my pocket. I really must of looked pathetic, getting all excited about calling a number at 6?
It might of not even be his number. For all I knew it could be some sort of joke.
All of a sudden my phone went off. I grabbed it out of my pocket and an email had come through...
Ring the number... Dead on six... Smith.

Terror began to fill me....

How could anyone get hold of my personal email address. Smith? Was that the bloke from the bus stop? That was the same name in my dream. Seriously, this was freaking me out!! The bus arrived and I boarded still looking at the email.
Was it safe to call this number after the email?
Was he some sort of stalker or something even worse?

My mind was swirling but now I felt intrigued. I had to call just to ease my inquisitive mind.
Dead on six I dialled the number and it rang. My heart began to beat hard through my chest and I thought I was going to pass out.

“Hello,” answered a deep voice.
All of a sudden I was unable to speak.

The voice gave a little laugh. “Kendra?”

Shit! How did he know my name?

“Kendra?” He repeated.

“Um mm... Yes” I replied. I had to go sit down on the sofa. My legs felt weak and I thought I was going to fall on to the floor.

“I'm really glad you called. Where do you live?”
“Excuse me?” I sounded shocked, which of course I was. This Smith bloke knew my name and email address. I had only noticed him the other day or week, I really couldn't remember and I knew I had never spoken to him before in my whole entire life.
“You must live near me after all we share a bus every morning and we have done for 6 months now.”
That was a revelation. 6 months?
His tone changed into a dark sensual way. “I having been watching you for a while. I think you're a very beautiful woman and I would like to get to know you.”
I tried to catch my breath. It had been a while since any man had shown me any interest. Maybe it was time for Kendra Gratton to take a small risk. I was always too safe and predictable. It was time to unleash my wild side, take a chance and live for once.
“369 Violet Place” I answered and put the phone down. It was now up to him if he wanted to show up. I had done my part, I had called and given my address. I didn't want to beg for him to come. I just prayed he would.
It felt like hours but yet it had only been twenty minutes. The door bell rang, I ran to answer it. I was still in my work clothes. I really hadn't made much of an effort at all.
I slowly opened the door and there he was before me wearing that hoodie and jogging bottoms. His auburn hair all roughed up. He was holding a bottle of wine. All of a sudden doubts filled my head. Was I doing the right thing allowing a complete stranger into my home?
I didn't have a chance to deny him entry, he strolled in and made his way into the living room. He began to scan the place. I wasn't sure what he was looking for. He slowly placed the wine on the coffee table and his hazel eyes turned to me.
He strutted over to me still standing in the hallway. His hands gently placed themselves on my waist. He bent down and looked directly into my eyes.
“Don't look mortified, Kendra. I'm not a mass murderer or anything like that. I'm only here as I want to get to know you. You know I always look at you..” A little amused smile sprung to his lips. “Well, a little!”
“Then I guess a little is okay” I laughed, finally my anxiety was starting to drift away.
He unzipped his hoodie and took it off. I had to divert my eyes away from his bulked up arms and the white vest clinging to every defined muscle on his stomach.
“Do you have glasses?” He asked with a slight laugh.
“Yes” I ran off into the kitchen and returned a few moments with them. I handed them over but he grabbed hold of my wrist and led me over to the sofa.
He sat down. “So?”
I sat down next to him. “So?”
“Do you normally allow strangers in your home?” I shook my head. “Relax... I'm kidding.” He took the glasses out of my hands and placed them on the table. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion. He turned to face me and one of his hands placed its self on the bare skin of my thigh. I watched as his hand slowly trailed up and under my skirt. I swallowed hard.
Was this how people did it now?
Did they no longer get to know each other?
I allowed the breath I was holding to be released. Maybe this was the way froward? No string sex. I didn't have to give any commitment and he wasn't asking for anything.
Suddenly I threw myself at him, my lips colliding with his. He tasted manly and sweet. Our tongues massaging each others. He pulled me on to his lap and finally broke away. I watched how he tried to gain his breath this time.
“We haven't had the wine yet?” He coughed.
“No, we haven't.” I stood up and held out my hand. “Shell we?” He didn't speak, just placed his hand in mine and rose. “We don't have to....” I hesitated.
He brought up a long lean finger and placed it against me lips. “Sshhh... Come!” He groaned as he led me away to my bedroom.
How did he know what room was what?
Was he some sort of psychic?
Just my luck....
We entered the room and he pulled me in. Within an instant his lips were on mine and he was pushing me back towards my bed. My hands ran up his vest and I finally felt his toned stomach.
His hands moved from my waist down to my arse. My eyes widen open.
Was I actually doing this?
I had never done anything like this before. I was such a reserved person and never jumped into bed on the first date. This wasn't a date!!!
He gave me a slight shove and I fell into the bed. “I don't normally do this, Kendra. I have a policy of wining and dining a woman before I get her into bed.”
I rested up on my elbows and stared at him. He removed his vest and then his jogging bottoms. He was a very handsome man with a body only a woman could dream about. He ran his hands through his auburn hair and his eyes blazed with desire. I could see the bulge in his boxers. I had turned him on. I had done that to him. Suddenly my arousal was controlling my body. I wanted him deep inside me, his teeth tugging at my nipples, his fingers playing and his hands pulling my hair.
I sat up, not once taking my eyes off his, I slowly began to undo my shirt buttons. He began to breath rapidly and he flew at me like uncontrollable animal.
He pressed me down into the bed and our lips locked again. This time he was kissing me hard and hungrily. He sat up on his knees and pushed my skirt up to my waist. His long index finger slipped into my thong and slowly began to massage my clit.
I threw my head back at the long much wanted contact. In one swift movement of my thong he tore it apart and he discarded his boxers.
His hands reached out and he began to play with my nipple through the lace of my bra. I couldn't resist but look down at his perfect hard pink penis.
I wondered how he would taste?
He laid back down on me and plunged himself deep inside. I let out a scream of anticipation. I couldn't remember the last time I had even been in this position.
He slowly pulled himself in and out me. The soft swirls he did with his hips could easily push me over the edge. I closed my eyes and it felt like I was in heaven. His soft lips moving up and down my neck. The amazing rhythm he had and the way he could find that sweet spot inside.
“You have an amazing body” he hissed through gritted teeth. He lost control and started to pound into me. One of my hands gripped the sheets, the other took hold of his perfect arse.
Harder... Harder... I locked my legs around him and tilted my pelvis. I grabbed his arse almost digging in my nails. He speeded up and with every slam my orgasm got bigger.
I screamed in delight, my heart raced, every muscle felt like it was fire. With one last big almighty slam he exploded inside of me.
He dropped down on top of me pushing more into the mattress. He's breathing was heavy and his heart racing. I moved my hands up to his hair. He looked up and smiled.
“I have never done this before” he let out a little air from his mouth. “Right now, I wish I had told you to call me a lot sooner.”
I watched as he got off my bed and went in search for his clothes. I laid on my belly at the end of the bed, placed my head in my hands and just watched. Perfectly toned stomach, pert tight bum and impressive ripped arms.
“So,” I laughed, realising maybe I should of asked the question before the bedroom. “What exactly do you do?”
He spun round with an amused smile. He picked up his white vest and threw it on. “I own a club.”
“A club?”
Seductively pulling on his jogging bottoms walked over to me. He scooped down to my eye-level and our eyes locked. “A club you would like...”
He leaned froward and placed a little kiss on my nose. “You should come.. Bring your friends. Shell we say Friday?”
I shrugged. “Oh, I don't know! Could be busy?”
His eyes widened. “I would make it worth your while. Your enjoy it... All the women enjoy it!” With that he left the room and I was alone.
A club?
I hadn't been to a club in years. …..

20th August 2012
It had been a few days since I had seen Smith, even though I still never learned what his actually name was. It was Thursday and I had met my best friend Sandra for a drink after work. She was in the same position as me--single and in her thirties!!
I placed my glass down on the table. “What you doing tomorrow night?”
“What I do every Friday night!” She snorted. “Have a bath, watch a DVD, drink a bottle of wine and pass out. Why?”
I sat back in my seat. “I have been invited to this club and he said bring a friend.”
She slowly raised an eyebrow. “Do you realize you said club, he and friend all in the same sentence?” I shook my head. Sandra was mocking me. “Who is he?”
I looked away and felt my cheeks flush at the memory of the other night. She wouldn't believe me even if I told her. I hadn't even got my head around what I had done. There was no harm in sharing.
“I met someone” I giggled.
“Really?” She looked astonished. “What's his name?”
“I don't know” I laughed.
“Have you slept with him?” I nodded and her mouth dropped open in shock. “Oh my god, Kendra. See, I told you after Steve left, you would get your life back.”
“So,” I wanted to change the subject from Steve. As far as I was concerned he never existed. “You want to come?”
“Hell yeah! Lets hope this mystery man of yours has a friend. As I am getting bored of my Friday nights!”

21st August 2012
The whole of Friday seemed to drag. I kept checking my phone to see if he had rang but nothing! I was really getting second thoughts about going. Sandra had called and I told her about my doubts. Her reaction was “Shut the fuck up, go home, get dressed and meet her outside the club at eight!” I couldn't let her down she was really looking froward to it. I walked out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped round me and headed to my bedroom.
What should I wear?
What did people wear to a club these days?
I cringed, asking myself that question showed I had aged. I began to go through all my dresses. I guess I could wear something revealing. I was only 30 years old and I still had my lean but yet curvy figure. I pulled out a black boob tube dress. It was simple, but with accessory’s and shoes it would look impressive.
What if he had forgotten about me?
Suddenly, felt the panic wash through my body. Seriously, could I live with the humiliation? I took in a deep breath and looked back at the dress. You know I had to stop doubting everything and I had to get a grip. If he ignored me surely the possibility of meeting someone else could arise...

Dead on eight I made my way up to the club, queues of women all waiting outside. I noticed Sandra, she was dressed casual in a pair of white trousers, a shirt and jean jacket. Now I felt awkward I was over dressed.
She didn't look very happy, she pulled me over. “What sort of club is this?” She asked with a low voice.
“I don't know.. Why?”
Her eyes diverted to the queue. “It's just I have been here for ten minutes and I haven't seen one man go in. Is this bloke gay?”
I laughed. “How CAN he be gay when I'VE slept with him? Besides if he was gay... Wouldn't you of seen loads of men go in and not women?”
Sandra thought for a second. “I guess!”
We made our way over to the queue and took our places. I was now feeling very anxious. The queue moved really fast and we soon got to the front. I was just about to walk in when the bouncer stopped me.
“Do you have ID?” He asked.
I opened my mouth in shock and no words came out.
“You've got to be kidding me?” Sandra laughed. I shrugged and reached into my bag to grab my driving licence. I handed it over and bouncer began to study it.
He looked up and gave a smile. “Very sorry.. Its just...” He shook his head and handed it back. “Never mind.. Enjoy ladies night” and finally we were allowed entry.
We entered the club and it was jam packed with women. I looked around there was stage in the centre with chairs and tables set out in front. A little dance floor and in the far corner a bar.
I turned to Sandra as we headed towards the bar, that too was packed. “Do they normally have stages in night clubs?”
Sandra shrugged. “How should I know?” We pushed ourselves to the front and ordered.
“So... You seen him yet?” Sandra asked.
I looked around. “No! I have this feeling I won't be seeing him ever again. He probably woke up the next morning with dread!”
We finally managed to get our drinks and decided to grab a table at the back. I was just about to sit down.
“Kendra” a voice boomed. I turned to look at a blonde man in a suit. I narrowed my eyes, I had never seen this man in my whole life. “Hi” he smiled.
“Hi” Sandra replied in a flirty manner.
The blonde man smiled at Sandra and turned his attention back to me. “Tristan insists you sit at the front? Follow me!” I reluctantly followed him to the table and we sat down. “I'll go and grab the champagne he has waiting for you.”
I held out my hand to stop him from leaving. “Who is Tristan?”
The blonde man laughed at me as if I was crazy. “Your joking, right?” I shook my head. “Oh! Tristan is the owner of this place. I'll grab champagne.” He quickly hurried off.
Sandra slumped back her seat. “At least you know his name now!” I guess that was a good thing considering I hadn't dared to ask a few nights ago. I must of looked stupid.
“I guess” I replied.
“I mean who doesn't get the name of a bloke they have fucked!”
“It wasn't fucking! It was making love” I hissed.
“Excuse me” said the blonde man returning with the champagne. I felt my cheeks flush and I looked down at my hands. Great! Now he was going to go back and tell him I was confessing all Tristan's out of work activities with the whole club.
The blonde man began to pour the champagne. “Tristan said he will join you straight after his performance.”
“Performance?” I asked.
“Yeah... He hasn't told you much has he?” He laughed. “Typical, he likes to keep secrets.” The bloke held out his hand. “I'm Dylan... His much older and more handsome brother.”
Straight away Sandra grabbed hold of his hand and shook it. “Oh!” She smiled flattering her eyelashes. “I'm Kendra's friend Sandra!”
“Kendra and Sandra” he said playing with our names. “Wonderful meeting you... We will have a drink later, Sandra” he winked and strutted off.
“Wow!” Sandra grinned. “What sort performance do you think they do here?” Her eyes widened and she began to laugh. “You don't think?”
“Think what?”
“He's a drag queen?”
I shook my head. That was a completely laughable explanation. Tristan was so manly and he had a great body. There was no way he would dress like a woman.
All of a sudden the lights went out and music boomed out of nowhere. I looked over at the stage and a man dressed in a suit was stood in the middle. He began to slowly move to the music and walk closer. Women began screaming crazily and jumping up.
What was going on?
The man began to dance very prolifically and slowly began to remove his clothes. I looked over at Sandra and she was in her element.
This was a strip club?
I could feel the horror sprawling across my face. I couldn't watch, I heard the women's screams get louder.
I felt someone sit on my lap, I looked up and his face was next to mine. He was only in a red thong and grinding on me. I couldn't take my eyes of his mesmerizing body.
“When I'm done come to my dressing room! Dylan will come and get you.” He whispered in my ear. I just nodded and smiled. He smiled back, slowly he moved away and started dancing for another woman.
Sandra looked at me with her mouth wide open. “Who was that?” I raised my eyebrow and I was full of terror.
Tristan was a stripper!
I could feel the colour draining from my face.
Why was I finding it hard to take in?
Maybe it wasn't the fact he was a stripper, maybe it was the way he had surprised it on me.
Either way, he still wanted to see me....

Just like Tristan had said Dylan escorted me to the dressing room. He knocked on the door and Tristan opened it dressed in jeans and no top. I didn't know where to look.
“Thank you, Dylan” he gave a sexy look. He was hot and sweaty from his performance and I could smell his sweet scent. My stomach flipped over.
“Wait!” I said as Tristan grabbed hold of my wrist. “I can't really leave Sandra alone.”
“It's okay Dylan will look after her!” Dylan narrowed his eyes and reluctantly nodded. “Good!” Before I had a chance to debate it Tristan pulled me into the room, closed the door shut and pushed me up against it. His lips met mine and we fell into a intoxicating kiss. His hands gliding down my body, his tongue penetrating mine. The desire for him was too strong. He pulled away and let out a little air from his mouth.
“Just as good as I dreamt it would be!”
“Why didn't you tell me the other night?”
Tell what?” He grabbed my hand and led me over to a white sofa at the end of room. He sat down and pulled me into his lap.
I sat back to take in his face. “That you were a stripper??”
He gave a little laugh, the most beautiful sound I had ever heard and then he looked away. “Because you seem a very classy woman and I thought it could scare you away!”
It was my turn to laugh. “Classy...? Seriously? I let you into my bed the first moment we met! I don't think a classy woman would do that?”
His hands grabbed the sides of my face and he pulled me down to his level. Once again his mouth was on mine and the tingling feeling overwhelmed my body. I wanted him to fuck me here and now. I needed him to give me relief.
Do me” I hushed through the kiss. His hand slipped beneath my dress and found its way inside my knickers. His index finger circled my clit feeding the pulsing pain. I threw my head back and closed my eyes.
He tugged at my boob tube and exposed my breasts. His teeth tugged at my erected nipples. I couldn't take no more. I wanted to relieve him, I stopped his hand in mid-motion, climbed off him and dropped to my knees. I wanted his hard dick in my mouth. I slowly undid his button and unfastened the zip. Not once taking my eyes of his. I freed his pink solid penis and placed it in my mouth. Slowly sucking and swirling my tongue around his tip.
“Fuck, Kendra!” He hissed through gritted teeth. His fingertips twirled in my hair. “Keep going, baby.” I looked up and he had thrown his head back. “It feels good!”
I began to suck hard, grabbing with one hand in order to keep pace. My tongue swirled around the tip and I felt myself getting wetter just at the thought of my wanton behaviour. I pulled him back into my mouth and sucked even harder.
His hands gripped hold of my hair. “God” he cried. I speeded up and pulled him in and out of my mouth. Sucking and licking with all my might.
“FUCK!!!” He screamed out and I felt his warm relief at the back of my throat. I milked him till he was bone dry.
I sat back on my knees and licked my lips as I watched him panting and relieving in the after effort. He ran his hands through his hair and took in a deep breath.
His eyes locked with mine. “When I have recovered your getting it!” He laughed, he leaned froward and grabbed my face. “Your not going anywhere after that!”
His lips locked with mine, not once did he place his tongue in my mouth. I guess he didn't want to know how he tasted. To me he tasted like heaven and I didn't want to go anywhere.....
We headed back into the bar and over to Sandra. She was deep in conversation with Dylan but he looked bored out of his mind. Tristan wrapped his arm around me as we strolled over to the table. Dylan looked up and gave a breath of relief.
“About time” he hissed to Tristan. “What you been up to?” Tristan looked away with a amused look. “You know what? I don't want to know.”
“How about us four go somewhere else?” Tristan asked, pulling me closer to him. I was actually in my element and all my thoughts of doubt had flew away.
Dylan narrowed his eyes. “Four?”
“Um mm.. Yes” Tristan said in low authorising voice. “We can go and get some food.”
Dylan stood up from the table and folded his arms. “What about our performance? We can't just up and leave. We have customers if you hadn't noticed.”
Tristan rolled his eyes. “We are in charge. Get Jamie to fill in. He has that whole new routine... Now enough of the business talk.” He slowly turned to face me and my heart began to beat faster. “SHELL we go?” I couldn't speak, he was such a handsome man. I nodded and he led me away with Sandra and Dylan following behind.
I placed my head in my hands and just watched him. Even though Dylan and Sandra were with us; We were trapped in our own world. He too with his eyes on me and our hands locked together tightly.
“Well...” Dylan boomed. “This is fun!”
I could hear his fingertips drumming on the table. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and he looked miserable. He obviously hadn't hit it off with Sandra. Which I was actually surprised, anyway I was too consumed with Tristan and all the possibilities that tonight would bring.
Dylan gave a big yawn. “I think I might head off..”
Tristan finally looked away from me and narrowed his eyes at his brother.
“Or maybe not!” Dylan quickly added.
“What is your problem, Dylan?” Tristan yelled in a tone that scared me. His face had turned to stone and the anger was burning out of his eyes.
I quickly stood up and looked over at Sandra. “I need the bathroom. You coming, Sandra?” She too had been scared by Tristan's reaction. She nodded quickly and we walked off.
As soon as I got into the bathroom I rested against the wall. Sandra walked over to the mirror and began to fix her hair.
“He's got a bit of a temper” she sighed.
“I know” I walked towards her. “Did he scare you?”
“Just a little.. I thought he was going to jump over the table and smash Dylan in the face.” Her eyes went dreamy. “Dylan is lovely.”
“I guess... He looks a little bored.”
Sandra turned to me and laughed. “We are both bored of looking at you two playing loved up teenagers. All that kissing, staring and holding hands. Surprised I kept my food down.”
I let out a sigh. “I really like him, Sandra. Do you believe in love at first sight?”
Sandra shook her head. “Seriously?” She tutted and reached into her bag to grab her lip gloss. “It is not love.. It is lust! You are living every woman's fantasy; Meeting a handsome bloke who turns out to be a stripper at a bus stop! Who is totally into you a hundred percent”.She began to apply the lip gloss and smacked her lips together. “You're a jammy bitch” she tutted.
We looked at each other and burst out laughing. I took a deep breath, she was right I had it bad for him. I had even got over him being a stripper now. My heart was beating fast just at the thought of him being in my mouth. I needed him now.
I looked over at Sandra and she was finished. I quickly ran out of the bathroom, into the restaurant and over to Tristan. I fell on to his lap and began to kiss him with force. Him completely falling into it. His hands grabbed my arse and pushed me into him. I didn't care who was watching. I was out of control and falling for this man.
“Oh my god!” Sandra yelled returning to the table. “Will you two please control yourselves!”
I slowly pulled away and his fingertip gently brushed along my lips. His eyes were twinkling and I knew at that precise moment he felt the same as me.
Excitement overwhelmed me and I hugged him hard.
Lets go back to mine” he whispered softly into my ear. “There is something I want to show you.” All my muscles down below clenched in anticipation.
We entered his flat, I was actually really surprised he lived in the exclusive complex opposite the bus stop where we had first met. It was a very manly place, all leather sofas, glass cabinets and the latest gadgets.
He grabbed hold of my hand. “Come..” I didn't even question him, I just followed to where ever he was taking me. He opened the door into a room, I stepped in and looked around.
A leather bed with cream covers was sat in the middle. But it was the mirror on the ceiling above the bed that caught my attention. Also some sort of black chair hanging from the ceiling in the corner. I began to look around more. A glass cabinet full of odd looking toys, handcuffs,blindfolds... Then dread filled me up. He was one of those kinky people... I had read about his sort before.
He strolled over and I guess he could see the fear in my face. “No! Kendra! I'm not into that sort of shit. I don't like hitting or hurting anyone.”
“Then why do you need those?” I pointed over to the cabinet.
“Well honestly, I do like to have control but in a fun way. I like to explore the possibilities of pleasure. I mean if I took away your sight how do you think it would feel?” I shrugged. “Or if I bounded your arms and you couldn't touch me, how would that feel?”
I shook my head. “I honestly have no idea.”
“Would you like to discover?” His hands landed around my waist and I looked up into his eyes. They were burning with pleasure. “As for the toys... They can help to intensifier orgasms. Please play?”
The word circled around my head. I had never even contemplated using toys before. Although, I hadn't had much of an adventurous sex life before. Steve was actually boring in bed.

I tilted my head. “You want me to submit myself to you?” I felt uneasy even saying that sentence. I didn't think I could do something like that.
His mouth tightened. “Fuck no! The whole BDSM shit feels me with dread. I don't want you to submit yourself to me, nothing like that. Just when it comes to the bedroom I want to control your pleasure, not because I get pleasure from it. Anything that happens in here is for you and YOU only.”
I thought about it, I guess it wouldn't hurt. “What if I try it and I don't like it?”
“We stop!”
“And you would me happy with that?”
His hands slowly moved up my body and cupped my face. “Kendra” he sighed agonisingly. “I have watched you for six months. I have wanted you since I caught you smiling at me. I really don't want to do anything to fuck this up.”
My stomach flipped and the butterflies began to fly around like mad. No one had ever said anything like to me before. I couldn't leave without giving this ago. Truthfully, I might even enjoy it.
“Yes, I'll play.”
A big grin appeared on his lips. “Now?”
“If you want” I replied very confidently that I even surprised myself.
He raised an eyebrow and looked very impress. “We will start with something simple and slowly work our way up to the toys and shit.” His fingertip slid to the top of my dress and in one swift movement he pulled it to my feet. He stood up and held out his hand. I grabbed hold and stepped out of my dress.
Bare breasted and only wearing a thong, I walked over to the chair in the corner of the room. “What is this?” I asked, pretending I was fully dress.
Tristan smirked and raised an eyebrow. “That is a sex swing... Caught your attention, has it?”
I pouted and sat down in it. I laid back into it and placed my hands behind my head. I ached my back to push my breasts out. I could see my nipples were already erected.
“What do you think?” I said in a low seductive voice.
I watched as he bite down on his lip and a massive smile sprawled across his face. He began to undo his trouser buttons and they fell to the floor. His strong wide thighs exposed and him standing solid before me.
He liked to go commando.
Slowly he walked towards me and I felt myself stop breathing. The way he looked in control and confident. I knew I didn’t stand a chance with him. He was a sexual predator.
He grabbed the swing and it stopped moving. His face was serious and his eyes penetrated me. I could feel myself turning blue from not breathing. With one hand on the swing the other grabbed my face. I watched him swallow hard.
“Who was he, Kendra?” His voice full of hurt. “That cunt who broke your heart?”
I quickly shook my head, I never wanted to think of Steve and his perfect woman again. His finger traced my lips and slowly moved down between my breasts. He stopped in mid motion and removed his hand.
“If I ask you something you won't go running?”
I got off the swing and narrowed my eyes. My legs felt shaky and I had to perch on the end of the bed. I felt Tristan come up behind me and place his head against my back.
“Just listen” he said, so I did. “Do you believe in love?”
“I did” I laughed.
“No....” He slowly began to place sweet kisses on my back. “I mean love at first sight?”
I caught my breath and turned to face him. My hand slowly moved to grip his chin. “Yes!” I cried. “God, Tristan!” I pushed him back on to the bed and straddled upon him. His hard cock slowly filling me up.
“Fuck Kendra...” He cried out.
I slowly swirled him inside me and sat up. I grabbed hold of his chin and kept his face directly in front of mine.
“His name was Steve and he walked out on me for someone younger...” I allowed him to sink deeper inside me and his head went back in pleasure.
“Knob head” he called out.
I began to grind on him. Suddenly I liked the control. I sat up and placed my hands around his ankles. Pulling him in and out of me. His soft groans were sending me over the edge. His hand reached out and he began to massage my clit. The tingles were leading me to explosion.
“Fuck! Tristan!” I screamed.
“Take it” he said, leading me to my mercy. His free hand grabbed my breast and he squeezed hard.
Without warning he flipped me over with him laying on top of me. He grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head.
“For you...” He smiled down at me and began slamming into me. His grip of my arms tighten and I couldn't release my hands. My head went back and my back arched. All my muscles began to erupt with heat and I could no longer control anything. First my legs shook, my toes curled and the overwhelming feeling of pleasure fulfilled me.
He lowered down on to me and I felt his mouth on my neck. At first it felt good, the intensive sucking and the pain. But the pain took me over the edge and I was there. In a wonderful world of orgasmic ecstasy.
I felt him shake and his warm orgasmic dew filled me up. He fell on to me and panted loudly into my ear. Finally, he released my arms and they curled around his neck.
“Will you stay tonight?” He asked, trying to regain his breathing. “I just want to wake up to you.”
I couldn't speak, my body, soul and mind were exhausted from the delightful experience I had just had. I nodded and he kissed my forehead.
“Thank you” he whispered into my ear and I felt him play with my hair.

I don't remember anything else......

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