Monday, 1 July 2013

Bring me to Life


Meet Georgina Dawson
I zipped up my skirt and smoothed it back down my thighs. I was still breathing heavily from the unacceptable behavior. My legs felt weak and my mind was in a whirlwind. How could a man you have just met make you feel this way?
I gazed over my shoulder. There HE was....Sat at his desk as if nothing had happened. I watched as he placed a cigarette between his luscious lips and lit it gracefully. He inhaled while tilting his head back to release the climax of his nicotine.
How? I thought. How did I just submit myself to him? Besides wasn't it illegal to smoke in the workplace?? Maybe not for him, maybe he thought he was special. No rules too big for him, he owned this place and he was in charge! My mind turned back to the task in hand; straightening myself out. I did up the buttons on my blouse and ran a hand through my long baby blonde hair.
He spoke!! I turned on my heel to face him. He was still sitting at his large dark marble desk smoking his cigarette. My eyes immediately focused on his handsome face, strong chin and perfect mouth.-- it was as if his blue eyes could see right through me. I shook my head, go home a voice urged me. I gathered up my coat, bag and headed for the exit.
"You aren't going to say I'm welcome??" I looked over again, this time trying to avoid his mouth and eyes. He looked confused. He took in a deep breath and ran a hand through his reddish spiky hair. "You should receive a phone call by Monday."
I nodded and within a second I left. I made my way towards the lifts, my heart felt like it was in my mouth and tears were welling up in my eyes. You're a dumb bitch!!! I kept repeating to myself. I pressed the call button. As soon as the lift opened I raced inside, as the doors closed my legs could no longer retain my weight and I slumped into the corner. I hugged my knees and the self inflicted tears began to pour out.
"Miss, you okay?" asked a concerned voice. I looked up, the lift had stopped and the doors were now open. An older man dressed in a navy blue suit was standing before me. I glanced at his badge-- Security.
I slowly stood up and wiped the tears away. "I'm fine" I replied and left the lift. I had to get home. I stopped in my tracks and it felt like something had sucked all the air out of me. Shit! Blake! What have you done Georgina Dawson? What have you fucking done?
I practically ran home. I needed to be safe in my little bubble I had created with the man I loved. I had decided I wasn't going to tell him. There was no way I would get the job now and there was no point in breaking Blake's heart. I was just going to forget about tonight.. But could I forget about him? I got to our front door and I could hear his music playing. I pressed my ear to the door and I could hear his sweet voice singing along. Relief filled my heart, I wanted to feel Blake's kiss and touch. Then within a second the feeling of guilt filled my body. I felt the bile creeping up my throat. I moved back, could I go inside and pretend things were fine?
"Hey!" The door opened and there HE was standing before me. All six foot, blonde flopping hair and white pearly teeth. Women loved him, he knew it and he enjoyed it. People would stop to admire him, "A young Brad Pitt" they would gush and he would just lap it up. "You coming in?"
I nodded. "Yes please." I stepped inside the studio flat we shared together and the door clicked shut behind me. I kicked my shoes off and discarded my bag where ever it landed. For a few seconds I was glad to be home, the friendly smell and the sense of normality. Blake wrapped his arms around me and I just fell into them.
"How was the job interview?" So soon? He asked the question I had been dreading. All of a sudden the self pity tears began to fall again. "George," he stood back and pulled my head up to meet his eyes. "Was it really that bad?" Concerned love filled his voice. He leaned forward and started to kiss away my bitter tears with gentle kisses. I backed away, I didn't deserve his pity, I didn't deserve anything. You're a selfish and a horrible person. You're a bitch Georgina Dawson!!
"What's wrong?"
I shook my head. "Nothing," I wrapped my arms around myself in aid of some comfort. "My Dad was right" I lied. "I'm not up to working. I need to shower" I shrugged.

Blake sighed giving me his I-LOVE-YOU look. My heart was torn apart. "Okay," he ran his warm hand through my hair. "Dinner will be soon and then you can tell me all about it." He bent forward "I love you" our lips touched.
I melted into his kiss. "I love you" I groaned. At that moment I just wanted to confess all. I wanted him to scream at me maybe even hit me. I couldn't. I took another look at his innocent charming face and headed in the direction of the bathroom.
I stood in the shower and tried to scrub all the shame off me. I could still smell his scent on my skin. I rested my head on the shower wall and allowed the water to cascaded down on me. What was I trying to do? Wash all my sins away. I closed my eyes and the memory of my first ever encounter with Blake filled my head. I wanted to relive it. I wanted to go back in time and delete tonight. To be that person again would be lush...
I looked at my watch not long and my shift would be over. I worked at the Grand Café in Oxford City Centre. I was almost done at Uni a few more months and I would be graduating. I looked around we were actually quiet today. Mrs Dontra was sitting at her normal table dressed in her old fashion hat that had a feather sticking out. She was a wonderful woman. She was in her 90's and every day she came here for a coffee. I loved to listen to her stories about her belated husband. He sounded like a romantic man.
I doubted I would ever find anyone. I had spent my whole time at Uni studying or working here. Amy my best friend said it was unnatural. Only because she had bedded most of population of Oxford. I looked over at the other side of the café, Peter had pulled up a chair and was chatting to a group of women. He was such a womaniser. Just then the door opened and an almighty cheer filled the place. Obviously it was students. I rolled my eyes. I looked over at them; There were about six and they sat down in the window seat.
Well, as Peter wasn't making any attempt at moving I guess it was down to me, I wasn't going to share my tips and that was his punishment.. He knew how awkward I felt around the opposite sex and now I had to deal with a table of rowdy students. I took a deep breath and made my way over. This could go two ways... Either I embarrass myself (Which I normally did!!) Or Prince Charming could be sitting at the table and save me from my doom.
"Hey," I beamed when I finally got to the table. "What would you like?"
"Your telephone number!" A voice said and everyone cheered. I studied each one, only one wasn't cheering his eyes were fixated on me. I took in his beauty, his blond floppy hair and his eyes looked like emeralds beaming at me. I swallowed as my mouth had gone dry. I couldn't take my eyes off him, I had never seen such a handsome man before. "Are you going to give it to me or what?" The voice bellowed, by the sound of his voice he was no longer asking but demanding.
"Shut up, Rex!!" The blonde god spoke and his voice made the butterflies in my stomach react like crazy. I could feel myself biting down on my lip. "We will have six coffees.” I didn't reply, I was hypnotized by him. I just nodded and walked off.
I hope I didn't trip I was really useless. I was the worst waitress that this place had EVER had, I was told that wasn't a compliment but at least I had achieved something; In spite of what my father thought.. I walked over to the coffee machine and got to work. My hands were shaking. Was I nervous? I looked round at the table and he was still watching me. I gave a little smile and he smiled back. Wow!! There had to be something wrong with this man? No one could be that perfect. I sat the six cups of coffees on the tray and headed back towards the table.
"Here you go" I said huskily. I sat the tray down on the table and began to hand the coffee's out. I was feeling pleased with myself- so far so good. I left his till last, I steadily picked the cup up but as I leaned over I felt someone slap my arse HARD!! The coffee went all over him and I could feel the heat in my face, I stood up and froze. He was just staring down at the coffee stain and trying to move the material away from his manhood. I placed a hand over my mouth and ran off. What an idiot!!! I ran to the back of the café and sat down at a table. I placed my head in my hands and the tears began to fall. I wanted the floor to open and swallow me up. I couldn't ever face him again!!
"Hey," I looked up and he was leaning over with coffee stains all over his jeans. "Can I sit?" I nodded I was too stunned to speak. I tried to quickly wipe the tears away What was he doing? Was he trying to look big in front of his friends? Or embarrass me just like I had done to him? "I'm Blake" he said softly.
"Georgina" I replied in the same tone. I looked down at my hands and started shifting in my seat. "I really didn't mean to do that!"
He tilted his head back and laughed. "Blame Rex.." He stopped and looked deep into my eyes. My insides could of melted just from that look. "I think he likes you!'
"Oh," I mumbled in disappointment. He had come over here to get my number his friend wanted. I was stupid... Like a man who looked like him would ever want someone like me!
"No!" He yelled, I noticed his cheeks had gone red. How cute... A man that blushed. "Can I see you tonight? What time do you finish?"
I looked down at my watch it was officially home time and I gave a smile. "Now, if you want?" I shrugged my shoulders I didn't want to seem too keen. My eyes urged him on. He copied my smile and placed a hand on mine. "What about your friends?" I head gestured to full table.
"Fuck them!" I gave a little giggle. It didn't sound right him swearing with that posh manly voice....
I wiped away my tears... That was two years ago and we hadn't spent one day apart. I hadn't even looked at another man before. I slipped into the bedroom and walked over to our walk-in wardrobe; I grabbed sweats, a vest and I quickly pulled them on. I towel dried my hair briefly. Just as I was about to leave I caught my reflection in the full length mirror. How could you? What has Blake ever done to you? I put my head down in shame. Surely you shouldn't be making these mistakes? Questions, questions, questions and not one I could not answer. I took a deep breath then headed into the living area. I really had to pull myself together otherwise these feelings of guilt were going to be the death of me.
Blake had laid out the table, no doubt his mother had taught him. He was just filling up our glasses with wine when I sat down. "I made your favourite!" He beamed looking for approval. I smiled sweetly. "I have faith in you, Georgina". Before I could reply the phone rang and Blake rushed over to it. "Hello . . . Mum!" I rolled my eyes, Blake's mother hated me. The daughter of a salesman and a wayward mother was no good for her ONLY son. "Of course we will come tomorrow tonight" he continued.
How could I forget Blake's Dad's birthday party. How much fun was that going to be? I would rather sit and relive my Friday the 13th experience. If this ever came out at least Blake's mother could gloat and tell him "I told you so." I could hear her smug voice now!
"What's George wearing?" His eyes glared at me. I mouthed nothing. He winked and returned to his mother. "A dress?? . . . . Yes okay . . . Love you too mum . . . I will do . . . Bye" I watched him place the phone back, turn round and strut back to the table.
"Your mother hates me" I grabbed my wine and took a sip. It tasted divine. "Tomorrow I will be sitting with all the other members of hired help!"
"Why did you say that?" He marched over to the kitchen and returned with two plates. "Here... Eat your dinner." He took his seat opposite. "Your Dad called while you were out. Lunch is still on for Sunday."
I looked down at my food.... I felt stomach churning sick. My father was here on a short business visit. Last year him and his wife Caitlyn sold their house and moved to Spain. He only ever came back for all his used car sale rooms. I bet I was a last thought or Caitlyn had arranged it all.
"Did he say if Dee was coming?" I started to reluctantly shovel food into my mouth. Dee (Deanna) was my older sister and I hadn't seen her in months. She was married to a man in his fifties and they were always off somewhere trying to save the world. My Dad said Dee had my mother's mental genes.
"He didn't say," Blake stopped eating. "Slow down or you will make yourself sick" he laughed.
I stopped too. I looked up at Blake's handsome face. I love your laugh I thought to myself. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I loved everything about this man. My beautiful, charming, caring, loving man. "Why do you put up with me?" I blurted out with no thought.
Blake's hand glided over the table and clasped mine. "Because no one else will!!"
It was dark and I knew I wasn't alone.. I could hear someone breathing behind me. I was stood up. I tried to bring my hands down to my sides but they wouldn't move. I pulled and I could hear metal. Was it a chain? I could feel something around my wrists... Was I cuffed???
Well.... Miss Dawson... You have been a naughty girl!” My eyes widen... That voice... I've heard that voice before. Slowly light appeared and HE was stood in front of me. Naked. I looked up I was cuffed and I looked down I was naked too.
He moved over to me and he hands slid up my body. I arched my back and his touch felt amazing. His mouth found my nipple and he tugged gently with his teeth. I gave a little groan. Slowly his mouth moved down below and he was there. He knew exactly what he was doing, fucking me with his tongue. I wished I could bring my hands down and tug at his red hair.
He stopped and stood up with his eyes penetrating mine. I wanted him deep inside of me. I could feel my breathing escalating and it hurt deep in my stomach. I needed relief and only he could give me it. He strutted back over to me and noticed he was rubbing himself. I bit my lip. He was rock hard and pink. I wondered what he tasted like? Would I ever get the chance to caress him with my tongue? His hands grabbed my arse and before I knew what happened my legs were wrapped round his waist and he had plunged deep inside. One of his hands rested on my back and I couldn't move. All I had for support was my legs locked around him.
Your so wet...” he growled biting down on my neck. I screamed it was too good,. I closed my eyes and took in the sweet pain and then the sweet pleasure of him making me orgasm....“You want me not Blake! You want my dick inside you...” My groans turned to screams and he was slamming into me with force. I began to curl my toes and I felt shivery. I was having an orgasm and every part of me felt on fire. “Yes Miss Dawson..” He growled low in my ear. GIVE IT UP FOR ME!!!....”.
I sat up and I was breathing heavily. Where was I? I looked around and saw Blake sleeping next to me. I placed a hand on my heart it felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. It was a dream... No, it was a nightmare!!!!
The dreaded night finally arrived and the nightmare was still haunting me. To top it all I looked awful from not being able to sleep. Thankfully, make-up was being my friend today. It had taken me hours to figure out what to wear and in the end I decided on a white off the shoulder gown with a sparkly silver belt. I had piled my hair on my head with a few loose strands. The outfit was finished with the diamond drop earrings my Dad had brought me for a graduation present. I looked very much the Greek goddess. Oh yeah, that should knock the smile off the witch's face!
Blake's parents.... Well mother... Sent a car to pick us up. Only the best for her baby boy and his gold digging girlfriend. I never could understand exactly what I had done so wrong.. Was it because I didn't come from a privilege background or was it because she just didn't want anyone to be happy??
The car pulled up into their stately home driveway. The house was lit up like Sleeping Beauty's castle. Blake often told me how much he had hated growing up here. He said he never really had a proper childhood. He wasn't allowed to mix with other children or go to school. His mum had him home tutored until he was ten and then he went off to boarding school.
"What are you thinking about?"
My thoughts were distracted. I turned to face Blake and shrugged my shoulders. "Wondering why your mother thinks I am not appropriate for you?"
He tutted and shook his head. I could see the annoyed feeling pounding out of his eyes. "How many times do we have to talk about this?" he hissed. He undid his seat belt and moved beside me. "You! Georgina Dawson are perfect for me." He ran his finger down my cheek, even his touch took my breath away. "No one will ever . . . EVER get in the way of me being with you" he whispered following with a meaningful deep kiss that sent tingles down my spine.
I looked deep into his emerald eyes as we pulled apart. "We could go home?" I giggled while running my hand along his strong toned thigh.
"Then my mother would be after me" He grabbed my hand and took it slowly up to his mouth. "Come, let's go and get pissed for free." He gave my hand a kiss. I laughed, it was so funny when Blake swore with his proper posh English accent.
We entered the grand hall. It was filled with all the finest lords and ladies, all dressed to impress with their ball gowns, diamonds and tux's. A little violin group was playing a song I didn't know in the corner. Waiters and waitress's were handing out champagne from silver trays. It was very high society and I felt very awkward.
Blake grabbed two glasses and handed one to me. "See everyone has come under dressed as usual." I gave a little grin then took a large sip of my drink; At least it tasted good. "Georgina, did I tell you how hot you look tonight?" He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him.
"No you didn't, Lord Waterman" I put on my posh voice.
"You do. A little too hot to be hanging around with these old prunes." He kissed my cheek. I felt his breath move to my ear. "Let's find somewhere quiet" he whispered. I gazed up. He was giving me his horny come-to-bed eyes and I couldn't resist; That urging feeling started down below.
The moment was spoilt by the witch. Blake shrugged his shoulders as to say sorry. We both turned in the direction of his mother. She was dressed in her vintage Chanel suit and pearls. She looked like she had just walked out of finishing school. This time I took a even larger gulp of my drink. The witch grabbed Blake's face planting a kiss on both cheeks.
"Oh Darling, you look handsome. Such a fine looking man." She beamed as she stood back to admire her property and then her eyes fell onto me. Her whole appearance instantly changed. She stood tall and straightened out her shoulders. The familiar cold stare replaced the loving look she had seconds ago. "Georgina" the witch hissed my name as if it was a dirty word. "What a pleasant look!"
Out of the blue there was a loud ear hurting laugh. My whole body shuddered just by the sound of it. What's she doing here? She was the vilest person I had ever met. Veronica Hart and she was strutting over to us. Her dress was barely there it looked like a scrap piece of material. Her fake huge boobs were almost falling out. Everything about her was fake and over the top. Her bright red hair was falling around her. I cringed again as she finally approached.
"Veronica!" the witch gushed.
"Mrs Waterman" she gushed back wrapping her arms around the witch.
"Oh darling, you look stunning".
No she doesn't! I looked much better than she did. At least my dress could withhold my body. It was always like this- Veronica could do no wrong and I was seen as a whore. Apparently Veronica and Blake's mum's were best friends. They grew up together, attended each others weddings and had babies near enough the same time. Maybe that's why she hated me? I bet secretly the two women had planned that their children would be together. As the scarlet woman... I had come along and damaged the whole thing. Thankfully I knew Blake had taste. A woman who went around naked, falling out of clubs and photographed with a new man every week was no competition for me.
"Blakie" she hugged him. "Georgie" she hugged me. "I must say you are a gorgeous couple." She didn't look at me her eyes were stuck on Blake. "Don't you think, Mrs Waterman?" She added.
"I guess so" she muttered and looked away.
"Did you attend alone Veronica?" Blake asked no doubt witnessing his mother's reaction.
"No," she giggled blinking through her large fake eyelashes. "I have a date" she started to scan the room. "There he is!" She pointed and gave a perfect white smile. All our eyes focused on who she was pointing to. She waved and the man waved back.
Everything went into slow motion and I felt the colour evaporate from my face. We were all looking over at a tall muscular man with spiky reddish hair. He was dressed in a black tux, a crisp white shirt and a perfect black bow tie. His blue eyes penetrated me, my own eyes fell on his perfect mouth. This could only happen to you! Now not only did I have to spend a whole night with the witch and vile Veronica. But now HIM!!
"Dinner is served" a voice cried out and we all hurried into the dinning room. I took my seat next to Blake on the perfectly set out tables. My eyes fell upon the others coming over to our table; Vile Veronica with HIM, an older couple I had seen once before and Blake's parents. I needed more drink.. A hell of a lot more drink. I really wanted a big hole to appear and leap into it. This really was not turning out to be a good weekend. I shifted my eyes over to Blake. He was handsome. Too good looking to be with someone like me. Blake was such a caring and loving person. He wouldn't even kill a fly because he didn't have the heart to cause it pain.
"So..." Blake grabbed my hand. He was very much into public affection. "Ronnie, you aren't going to acquaint us with your date's name?"
Veronica blushed and clapped her hands with delight. She loved being the centre of attention. I felt a little embarrassed for him. "This is Maxwell Thomas" she draped her arm over him as if she had won a prize and was claiming it. Maxwell shifted in his seat our eyes locked and I quickly turned away.
"Hi," Blake leaned over and the men shook hands. "I'm Blake Waterman and this is my girl Georgina Dawson."
"Actually we met yesterday" I blurted out. Blake looked at me bewildered. I grabbed my wine and took a sip. "Maxwell interviewed me" I coughed and looked at Maxwell. A smug smirk appeared on his face.
"I see" Blake smiled. "Well, Mr Thomas, were you impressed with my girl?"
"Very much so" he said slowly and seductively.
Just those three words sounded delicious. Snap out of it woman!! A voice screamed at me. Here I was sitting at my boyfriends parents house and opposite me was sat the man who took advantage of me. Wait.... Did he? I quickly went over the event in my mind. It was all you!! The voice in my head laughed. This really was turning into a fucked up situation.
Dinner was served and the wine was flowing a little too well. Every time my glass ran dry a very nice waiter would refill it without asking. The conversation was flowing well too. Blake was in a long discussion with the old man; he was telling him about his photography and his hopes for the future. Veronica was entertaining the table with her society celebrity fame- name dropping mainly. The only two people not making a sound were me and Maxwell. I was now too nervous to look in his direction, I thought the wine would make me brave but it had done the exact opposite. Half way through dessert I could no longer bare the pain from my bladder. I excused myself and headed off to the bathroom. When I was fully relieved I headed back to the so called party.
"Georgina." I stopped in my tracks. He was leaning up against the wall opposite the bathroom. He had followed me. He looked dark and sexy. His hair made him look like he was on fire. My pulse raced. Was it illegal to look that good? "We should talk" he demanded. He started to look around putting me on edge. "Not here!" He pointed to the bathroom.
What was he playing at? Did he actually think I was that kind of girll? Then the laughing started in my head. You had sex with this bloke after thirty minutes of meeting him. He did think I was that kind of girl.
The terror began to set in. "I don't think that's a good idea" I hesitated. "What if Blake comes looking for me?"
“Blake won't! He's too busy talking to Veronica." He grabbed my arm. I tried to free myself but was not very successful. Within seconds we stood in a bathroom only centimetres apart.
"I'm really sorry about yesterday" he said softly. It took me off guard. I wasn't expecting this. I had actually thought he wanted a replay and an urge of disappointment swirled in my stomach. Was I craving the heat and passion from yesterday? I looked up in disbelief. "I don't do that. That is not how I normally conduct my interviews."
"How do you conduct them Mr Thomas?" I teased.
He gave an amused smile and laughed. Instantly the uneasy tension between us vanished and I felt comfortable in his presence. "Not like that," he raised an eyebrow and we both laughed this time. "I want you to start Monday. Not because we fucked but because your the only decent person I spoke to." I held my breath. "I would actually like us to be friends."
Phew ...I let the breath out. "Wouldn't it get in the way?"
"Would what get in the way?" he looked confused.
"Us . . . You know . . . . " I shook my head surely he had some idea what I was talking about. I had to put it in terms he understood. "We fucked!!"
"Why should it?" he asked. He placed his hand on my shoulder and I froze. I felt electric pulses moving through me. I had never had this feeling before. "We forget about it. I never mix business with pleasure Georgina. In fact you could say it is a golden rule of mine." I had to take this job after what I had just felt I couldn't walk away. "I have no hidden agenda. You want the job?"
"Yes please" I beamed. Then I realized what had happened and joy filled me. I started jumping on the spot. I wrapped my arms around his strong neck and hugged him. "Oh thank you . . . Thank you so much." He whirled me around and we both laughed.
"I have just realized I'm hugging my boss in my boyfriend's parents bathroom!"
He pulled away and grinned. "That's a fucked up situation! One more thing?" He stopped and blushed slightly. Maxwell Thomas blushing. Wow that was sexy. "We didn't use anything.... Are you?"
I held my hand up realizing what he was referring to. "I am fully protected" I leant forward and took in the scent of his aftershave. It was heavenly. "I have the implant!" He smiled with relief.
We both rejoined the party and straight away I told everyone I was going to work for Maxwell. For the rest of the night I could relax. We watched Blake's Dad get embarrassed when it was time to cut the cake. Blake's Mum gave a speech about how she loved her husband and her son. The whole time I had a smile fixed permanently on my face and my perfect blonde god by my side. Maybe I could finally put a line under what had happened and move on. However the disappointed feeling from earlier was still there. I might of liked a hidden agenda-- Obviously Maxwell was a decent bloke and had realized it was a mistake. I had to move on. Not like the man was in love with me!
That's why he used the word fuck not made love! I had to start living my perfect life I had made with my perfect man.
Owwww!!! My head was hurting and my mouth felt like there had been a draught overnight. I opened my eyes but the sun shining through the window made them close immediately.
"Morning piss head!" I half opened my eyes and saw Blake standing in the doorway. He looked flushed and drenched in sweat. He had just come back from his morning run. He was such a morning person it was sicking. I glazed over at the alarm clock . . . 10.30 AM. I groaned and closed my eyes. My head felt better when I did that. What day is it? It was Sunday. One more sleep till Monday. Why on earth was he waking me up on a Sunday? Didn't he know Sunday was Georgina's day of rest?
"Come on," he laughed sitting down next to me. He placed something down on the bedside table. "I made you a strong coffee."
"And a cigarette?" I snarled opening one eye.
"George, you don't smoke any more!" He tilted his head to one side and narrowed his eyes at me. Whoops!! I had done something wrong. "And don't think I didn't see you last night because I DID!!"
"Huh?" I had no idea what he was talking about. I was pretty sure it wasn't good.
"I saw you ...." His eyes widen. Shit what had I done? "That Maxwell bloke gave you a cigarette!" He said Maxwell in utter disgust to his tone. There it was.
"Oh yeah," I giggled.
"Oh yeah!" He snapped.
Blake was a health freak. He made me give up three months ago. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. I didn't actually think at the time I could do it. I liked being a non smoker. Plus, I now had extra money to spend on clothes. Every now and again temptation did grab hold of me. That's why I had never told Blake about my secret stash. What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him?
"Why are you waking me up?" I whined.
Blake tutted. "Lunch?" I shook my head. "With your Dad!" I rolled my eyes and nodded. "Drink your coffee, shower and make yourself pretty. Don't want your Father thinking I'm leading you astray." He leaned over and kissed my cheek.
"You stink of body odour" I added waving my hand around to try and clean the air.
"And you have morning breath!" He kissed my nose and headed off to the bathroom. I poked my tongue out at him as he left.
We could leave," I whispered seductively into Blake's ear. I began to stroke the back of his neck with my nails. "They are not here yet..... And I can think of a thousand ways to spend our afternoon." I kissed his cheek and his eyes slowly turned to mine. I winked and blew him a kiss.
"NO!" He said sternly. The moment was gone. In fact all the moments this weekend had gone. I removed my hand, sighed and slumped back into my chair. "Your Father wants to see you."
"My Dad never wants to see me. All he cares about is his business." I looked around the restaurant. It was Dads favourite. Of course. It was one of the cheapest! My Dad was such a tight fisted man who never knew when to keep his mouth shut. He was never happy. Well.. He was when it involved moaning and bitching about people. How Caitlyn put up with him was beyond me. Me and Dee couldn't wait to leave home.
"George," said a male voice booming across the resturant. I looked up and smiled. Even though he was a grumpy old fart I loved him very much. "Dad!" I stood up and wrapped my arms round him. "Your late! . . . . Caitlyn" I greeted her with the same affectionate hug. Caitlyn was my Dads second wife. The 1st was my mother. Caitlyn had brought me and sister up since I was 10 and Dee was 12 years old. My mother had left us a year before. Her excuse was she didn't want to conform to society's pressure any more. She wasn't made to be a mother or a wife. She had a free spirit and needed to explore the world. She got as far as London, married a pot head and now that pot head was in prison for dealing and supplying cannabis. HA!!
Caitlyn was a naturally slim woman, very pretty and sassy. She dressed much younger than her age and always had incredible haircuts. At the moment she had it cut into a cute black bob.
"Richie," my Dad said in Blake's direction.
"Blake!" He corrected and shook my Dads hand.
"You sure?" Dad looked puzzled. Why did he always do this? I cringed. I knew exactly why! He constantly took the mick out of Blake. He kept saying he was the boy out of that movie "Richie Rich". All because Blake was blonde, an only child and had rich parents. My Dad could be such an arse!!
"Come on . . . SIT!" He commanded. "I'm staving" with the click of his fingers we all grabbed our seats and sat down. A waiter came over with menus. Dad held his hand up. "No we don't need them. Four steaks and chips with two bottles of your best house white." The waiter looked stunned, he wrote it down and strolled off. "Any news??"
This is what I had been dreading. It was going to end up with him yelling. He yelled about everything. I took a deep breath and looked at my hands. I felt like a child. "Well . . .Er . . . See . ." I stopped and looked up. Just do it! "I have a job".
There was no reaction from him he wasn't even blinking. "With who?"
"I'm going to be a PA for Maxwell Thomas. He's a celebrity agent and runs an agency" my voice sounded quiet and was shaking in places.
Dad narrowed his eyes and then did the lip twitching thing. That was a bad sign. "A PA??" I nodded. "A PA??" Why did he keep repeating it? He slammed his fist into the table and we all jumped. "I spent all that money on your education for what? So you can be some bastards tea maker??"
"Mr Dawson," Blake began while grabbing my hand tightly. I wasn't sure if it was to show me support or he wanted protection from my Dad. "Pa’s are well paid. They have quite a good job description and besides I think Georgina will excel at it."
"Shut it Richie!" Dad yelled again. Blake bit his lip and looked down. "I offered you a decent job."
"I know, Daddy" I wept. "And I was very grateful. I just don't want to work for you. I want to be independent and make my own living."
He shook his head. "What is wrong with you girls?" Great here we go!! How many times have I heard this? "Your sister ran off and married that old tree hugging freak. She spends all her time talking a load of shit that cunt has brain washed her with." His eyes blazed into me. "YOU!! A clever girl wasting her life."
I could feel the whole resturant staring at our table. I let out a deep breath, "I am not wasting my life. I just don't want to sell cars" I snapped.
"Selling cars is what made me my money, young lady. You had no problem pouring it down your neck at university" he growled. Yeah...Like I did!!! "You girls will be the death of me."
"Ron," Caitlyn said softly as she rested her hand on top his. "Please, your blood pressure. I think you're taking it a little too personal. Georgina is happy." They looked at me and a smile appeared on my face. "See, you should be proud of her. She has gone out on her own and made a life."
He looked over at me, then looked at Caitlyn and back at me. I grabbed Blake’s hand tighter. "Your a stubborn little thing" his voice had changed. "If you're happy I'm happy." I smiled and finally I felt relief. "But the job is always available if you need it."
"Thank you Daddy." The waiter began to bring the food over. How could something simple cause a drama?
After Lunch with my Dad we went home. I started to get all my stuff ready for my first day at work tomorrow. I was just contemplating which shoes to wear when my phone rang.
"Hello?" I answered
"Georgina Dawson . . . . When were you going to fucking tell me?" It was Amy my best friend. We had met at Uni and now she was running her own agency company. "Why are you fraternizing with the enemy?"
I laughed she was such a drama queen. "Excuse me?"
"You're working for Maxwell Thomas. Your his fucking PA. If you had wanted a job you should of come to me." Why was everyone offering me jobs today? Plus how did she find out?
"Who told you?"
"Your Dad called and told me everything. He wanted to know what a loser Maxwell is and I told him." She sighed. "We need to meet up and talk about it."
I tutted, of course we did. "Amy,” I cried. “Can't you just be happy for me? I finally have a job. This is very important to me. This is finally telling the world I've grown up. I didn't want to get a job because my Dad or my best friend owns the company."
The line went quiet. "I am happy for you" she began. "WE should meet up and have a few drinks. Besides you working there might actually work in my favour. Get enough cocktails down your neck and you may spill some secrets."
"I'll go for the drinks but I will not be revealing anything."
"Oh we will see” she laughed. “ I'll text you when I'm free-should be Wednesday. Right, ciao" and she was gone. I looked down at my phone and shook my head. What a weekend?

Meet Maxwell Thomas
I slammed the door of my office and headed towards the drinks cabinet. I poured myself a large brandy and took a well needed swig. I walked over to my desk and sat down. This was not what I needed!! Everything was beginning to fall apart. I had spent most of my life building up this company and it was being taken away from me. I loosened my tie as I felt it was beginning to strangle me. I took another swig and placed the glass down. What else could I do?
I had just been in crisis meetings with my team. The people I had on my books were slowly drifting away to another agency. Some rich kid who had just left preschool was out doing me. I ran a hand through my hair. What was I going to do?
There was a knock on the door. A few seconds later Hannah my PA entered. Bump first Hannah followed. She was almost 7 months pregnant and was going on maternity leave. I was in the middle of finding a temp---Shit! More fucking expense.
"You busy?" I shook my head and waved my hand as to say carry on. "Okay, just a few things. Your trip to LA is all booked and planned. Here is your schedule for next week." She handed it to me. I ran over it briefly and set it down. "Next, Shannon turned up to her interview drunk . . Again."
"E-mail her and bring her in. If she doesn't respond this time get hold of my solicitor and cancel her contract!" I was getting sick of these young reality stars taking the piss out of me. Here I was trying to get them a career and all they cared about was boozing and coking. Dumb cunts! "Anything else?"
Hannah stepped forward and lowered her voice. "There is a woman outside requesting to see you."
That was strange I had nothing else planned for today. Then I remembered the old woman I had walked passed into my office. Who was she? I was curious. "Bring the old dear in." I bet it was someone wanting me to give to charity this often happened a lot. The only problem was I didn't actually have anything to give at the moment!!!
"Will do, sir. Anything else you would like me to do?"
"No, just send the email and we will call it a day" I smiled, Hannah smiled back and left. She was really good at her job. I was going to have a problem finding a replacement. I took the last swig of my brandy and I watched the smartly dress woman enter my office. She had money that was for sure. A fitted tailored suit and pearls. She actually reminded me of the Queen. I stood up from my desk. "Maxwell Thomas."
"I know who you are" she smiled. "May I?"she pointed to a chair and I nodded. She sat down and placed her bag still on her knees clutching the handle. I looked behind her to make sure a Corgi wasn't following behind.
"I guess you're wondering why a woman like myself would want to see you?" I shrugged and retook my seat. I hope this wasn't going to be long: I needed sleep!!! "You see Mr Thomas... I have a business deal I would like to negotiate with you."
She had my attention. I was all about business. Yes, I liked to make money but it was the business side I thrived in. "What exactly would that be . . ." Then I realized she hadn't introduced herself. That was odd. How could I do a deal with her if I didn't know who the fuck she was?
"I believe you're looking for a new PA" she began. I hope she wasn't offering her services. I wasn't against old people but I had to draw a line somewhere. "I don't want the job!" she said sternly. "Why would I need to work?" she laughed. Must of been a private joke. I gave her my special Knicker combustion smile. She blushed and shifted slightly in her seat. It even worked on older women. You're a sex god!! "I believe a Miss Georgina Dawson has applied."
I raised an eyebrow as I remembered the name. I had spoken to her today and we had agreed she would come in tomorrow. Oh and now I know where this is going. She was obviously the girls mum or nan. She wanted to put in a good word. How sweet . . . Not!!! I didn't do favours for anyone. No one made them for me. I had started this company from my parents house 10 years ago and only me alone had built it up. I only hired people I thought were well suited to the job and it was my decision. End of!
"Where is this going? Your daughter or granddaughter has an interview tomorrow. If she impresses me then the job will be hers. So there was no need to come in and beg." Right that was it I wanted out of this place . . . Fast!! The woman laughed. Why was she laughing? I was being serious.
"You have the wrong idea, Mr Thomas!" This woman was beginning to freak me out. She stopped laughing and glared at me. "I have a very good offer that you would be stupid to refuse. I know how difficult it is for you at the moment!"
Everyone knew that. Somehow stories had been leaked to the press. I could feel a headache coming on. No doubt from all the stress. “Can we just cut to the chase!" I snapped. I didn't want to play games with an old woman. I just wanted to leave, go home and go to bed. It had been a long day.
"Of course," She bent forward slightly and the tone of her voice turned ice cold. "I want you to hire Miss Dawson and my son Blake. I know you have just signed Veronica Hart and I know she needs a photographer. My son will be perfect for the job. In return I will pay you 2.5 million."
Okay, she was crazy and my head was starting to spin. "Let me get this right..." I chuckled. "I hire two people and you give me 2.5 million?" This had to be some sort of joke. "You're a very funny lady. . . But I don't have the time or the patience for this. You want to play games? Then go and find some other twat! Now, is that all?"
"This isn't a game!" She snarled. "I will only pay 2.5 million if you seduce Miss Dawson and make my son realize what a gold digging whore she actually is. In the meantime Blake will spend time with my dear Veronica and Georgina will be gone." She said it coldly.
She was a twitsted old lady!
I slumped back in my chair and began to rub my chin. "Why would I do something like this? I am not that sort of man. I never mix business with pleasure. It's been my golden rule for many years now."
"Because you need my money and I need your help!” It sounded more like a threat --She was serious and now I felt uncomfortable. "Miss Dawson is a very pretty girl but she is not right for my son. I know this all sounds harsh and cruel.” She stopped and her eyes turned darker with hatered. “This is my only chance to get rid of her for good."
"I wouldn't feel comfortable doing what you're asking."
"I thought you would say that" this time she smiled. "Meet Georgina tomorrow and see what you think. I will expect a call by Saturday. If I hear nothing I will know your answer." She produced a card out of her bag and slide it over the desk. "It's a very good offer" she stood up. "I will be waiting." With that she left my office.
For the love of god!! Had all that just happened? Did people really think I was that desperate? But the 2.5 million would be a bonus. I couldn't believe I was actually contemplating this. I had to get home and get to bed. Surely all this stress was fucking up my head.
* * *
I looked up at the clock it was almost four o'clock. Miss Dawson would be here any second. The conversation I had yesterday with the old woman was still playing on my mind. I hadn't really slept all night. I kept having visions of a woman with two heads or something. Why would anyone want to pay you money to seduce someone? This woman had to be a mutant!!
I was still debating whether to take up her offer or not. I thought of 2.5 million and what a blessing it would be. I wouldn't have to worry about my business for at least a while. I could pay off debts and invest in all my decent clients. Plus, having an in house photographer would save a lot of money. Veronica Hart was at the moment one of my famous clients she was the money maker. Shame she was as bright as a dim less light bulb. She was hot though and sex sold!
I picked up Miss Dawson’s CV. It was actually very impressive with respect to all the other applicants. Just on this she had the job. She didn't need a 2.5 million price tag. The phone rang. "Yeah" I answered.
"Mr Thomas," it was Hannah. "Miss Dawson is out here with me."
"Okay, I will be out in a second" I put down the phone. Moment of truth Maxwell... Be prepared for you have no idea what monster is sitting just outside that door!!! I stepped outside my office and glanced over at the black sofa in the corner. A petite woman with long blonde hair was fidgeting in her seat and staring back at me. I breathed a sigh of relief. One head!! And not a mutant. Thank fuck for that. "Miss Dawson, thanks for coming in" She gave a breathtaking smile and rose up. "Hannah, have you finished everything?"
She looked up from her computer. "Um mm . . . I think so." She started looking around her desk as if something was going to jump up and hit her.
"You can go. I just need to speak to Miss Dawson and it shouldn't take very long". Within a second Hannah had her bag, coat and was gone. My attention turned back to Miss Dawson. "Ready when you are." She entered my office; her black pencil skirt hit the curves of her arse perfectly and her long legs were in luring.
I shook my head. Concentrate Maxwell!!
I made my entrance and she was standing in the middle of the room looking around. She looked nervous and distracted. "Drink?"
"Yes please" she said with relief. She looked around the office again. "This is really impressive".
I nodded and headed over to the drinks cabinet. "G and T?" From her smile I knew it was a yes. "Take a seat on the sofa. I don't like sitting at the desk makes it all too formal." I poured two drinks, headed over and sat down besides her. She smelt amazing. "Here!" I passed her the drink. She looked at it, raised it to her mouth and took a sip. I watched as she wiped a drop from the side of her mouth and licked her finger. How would those lips feel on me?
Fucking hell!!! This woman was worth much more than 2.5 million. This woman was priceless. Miss Dawson was the ultimate trophy girlfriend. She was what I needed. I could feel myself getting hot and blood flowing in places it shouldn't. Just get on with it you prick, I decided to take my subconscious advice.
"I read your CV that was more impressive than my office." She blushed and looked away. "No seriously, you have a diploma in English literature and business management. How did you find time to cram in all in?"
She shrugged and brushed some of her silky hair away from her face. "I just got on with it. No point dwelling on stuff and I didn't have much of a social life-- In spite of what my father says."
I took a large gulp of my drink. Just hearing her talk made me what to bang her right here and now. I sat back on the sofa and with my free hand flopping over the back. I wanted to take her in. "What about admin skills, Miss Dawson?" I could slowly see her relaxing before me.
She tilted her head to the side. "Please call me George."
"George!" I raised an eyebrow such a masculine name for such a perfect beautiful woman. "Okay" I shrugged. "What about admin stuff, Geoorgggee" I couldn't say it. She was a woman not a man!
"Call me Georgina then" she giggled.
Whew for that!!! "Georgina, what about admin skills?" I asked mocking her slightly.
"My father has a car sales business," she crossed her legs and faced me. "I would work there during the summer holidays. I answered phones, did filing, emails, letters and I took notes during his meetings. I also worked at the Grand Café while I was at Uni. So, I have experience with people too."
I hadn't taken any of it in. I was too busy glancing down at her blouse for a petite girl she had impressive breasts. She noticed and followed my eye level. "I haven't had a boob job?"
Uh! I realized what she was referring to and felt embarrassed. She was still smiling when I looked at her face. "Busted!" I laughed and she laughed too. "Miss Dawson......" I murmured. I was finally taking in her beauty. My heart was racing and I had no idea what else to say. She had got to me. No one had got to me in years. Play it cool, Maxwell.
"Please Georgina," she said breathlessly and placed a hand on my knee. It took me by surprised. Our eyes locked. She looked down at my mouth and then back to my eyes. "I don't normally do this."
"Do what?" before she could reply my lips were on hers.
I pulled her over and placed her on my lap. My hands were firmly on her arse and her lips never left mine. She tasted too good. She ran her hands through my hair, then they were slowly creeping down my arms and then up my chest. She pulled away breathless. "Fuck me!" and that was it I was rock hard. I slapped her arse and she knelt up. I reached down and undid my zip. My manhood was out and standing to attention. I pulled her skirt up and felt the soft skin of her inside thighs. This was mind blowing. I had never done this before with anyone. There was something about this woman I couldn't explain. She had turned me into an animal.
I pulled her silk knickers to the side and she lowered slowly. The groaning she made as I filled her up was out of this world. Gently she began to move up and down. Her fingers were in my hair again. Her hips began to sway and I got lost in her rhythm. I could feel the heat between us. I wanted it slow. I wanted to remember this moment.
Her head tilted back and I grabbed her breast. Perfect size for my hand. All of a sudden she lost control; Moving faster up and down. She moved towards me and rested her head on my shoulders. Her groans and moans were like gold droplets to my ears. I felt the tightening of her as she was coming.
"Give it to me" I groaned in response. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Then I was out of control. Pushing myself deeper and deeper into her. "Yes!" I moaned through gritted teeth. She fell apart around me and with one last force I came to. She clasped on me and I could feel her heartbeat racing. We both were breathing heavily and in sync. I looked down at her. She was too beautiful. She looked at me and blushed.
Then within a second something changed inside her. Her eyes widen and the colour drained from her face. She jumped up and turned away. Had I done something wrong? I did up my trousers and went in search of my cigarettes. I sat down at my desk, got out a cigarette and lit it. I looked up and she was staring at me. Our eyes locked again. She shook her head and turned back around.
"Hey!" She didn't speak. She turned around walking over to the sofa. She grabbed her bag and coat. "You aren't going to say your welcome?" Still no answer. I took a deep breath. Was it that bad? "You should receive a phone call by Monday" I added. She nodded in response and was gone.
Rejection slapped me hard in the face. I rested my head back on my chair and carried on smoking the cigarette. Why did I want her to thank me? I should of been thanking her. That was the first time I had fucked a woman in over two months. Dickhead!!! I must of sounded like a right wet fucker.
I closed my eyes and the thought of her going back to see this so called bastard boyfriend  angered me. I had only just met her. Why was I feeling like this? Had no sex for 2 months turned me into a woman?? Shut up!! I had to see her again. That I knew for certain.
How? She wasn't just going to walk into my office again after what happened. I could give her the job. Then again... Would she accept?? I opened my eyes and sat up. I had it!!! I had the answer all the time. I reached for the ashtray and stumped the cigarette out. I grabbed my phone, pulled the card out of my desk and dialled the number.
"Good afternoon, Mrs Waterman speaking."
"Its Maxwell Thomas."
"Oh Mr Thomas, what a delight to hear from you so soon" she paused. "I gather your calling in response to my business deal?"
"I am." Shame the details were going to change and all to benefit me. "I just want to tweet it a little."
"Really?" she sounded off key.
"Yes. . . I have spoken to Georgina and I really don't want to seduce her. She seems a very intelligent and warm person. There is no way I could degrade her in that manner."
"Oh I see," she sounded mad. "She's affected you as well then!!"
"Not at all. Here's my offer. I hire Georgina and Blake like you suggested. I send Blake everywhere with Veronica. Every time he is away I will spend time with Georgina. Then maybe, I don't know someone close to Blake could plant ideas in his head."
"You want me to mess with my own son's head?" she snapped.
"Yes and when he comes to have it out with me I won't deny anything" There was a massive pause. She was thinking about my suggestion. "What's your answer? Do you want my help or not? This is the only chance I am going to give you."
"It's a deal"
I smirked, oh yes I was good at what I did. "Great!! I will see my solicitor and get him to write up a contract. I'm going to have to say your a silent partner. We wouldn't want any of this getting out. It would have a devastating effect on both of us." I was still smirking.
"If needs must" she replied. "Oh Mr Thomas. I am having a gathering at my house tomorrow. Please come. You could come with Veronica?"
"Why not?" I could offer Georgina the job tomorrow. "It was good doing business with you Mrs Waterman. Talk soon" and I hung up.

I could of easily started dancing around my desk. If Georgina did refuse the job at least Shit head would be far away and I could convince her. This had to work!!! Please let this work!!! Also, 2.5 million for hiring a Mummy's boy well that was an added bonus. NO!! WAIT!! Georgina Dawson was the bonus and I craved her more than anything.

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